Ayya Vīrañāṇi & Ariya Baumann – Metta

Ayya Vīrañāṇi began to practice meditation in 1979 and she took permanent ordination in Burma with Sayadaw U Pandita on New Year 2006. She teaches loving kindness and vipassana meditation retreats in Burma, Europe and Australia. Ariya Baumann was a Buddhist nun from 1992 until 2013. She ordained and practiced vipassana and metta meditation under the guidance of Sayadaw U Janaka in Burma. Today she guides vipassana and metta meditation retreats worldwide.

We speak about seeing that anger is not so solid, and can turn into love. That metta is the cultivation of kindness, friendliness and benevolence. About the simple wish for all sentient beings being well. How metta and vipassana goes hand in hand. That it can be paradoxical to call it a cultivation since it’s also natural. How we can pay attention with different intentions. That the metta phrases helps us connect. How it can be most difficult to send it to our closest ones. That metta is like air conditioning. How metta can benefit others and how we can wish happiness for all beings regardless of what they have done. We speak about the relationship between metta and forgiveness, and about the charity Metta in Action. Ayya Vīrañāṇi ends our conversation by guiding a metta meditation, followed by a metta chant from Ariya Baumann.

For more information about Metta in Action, please visit www.mettainaction.org