Gangaji smiles at the camera

Gangaji – Inquiry

Gangaji is an American born spiritual teacher and author of several books including The Diamond in Your Pocket. In 1990 she met her teacher Papaji and has since then held gatherings and retreats all over the world. In our conversation we explore the topic of inquiry. Gangaji shares her own search for happiness and freedom. The meeting with Papaji and his teaching to stop seeking. About being still and recognizing who you are. To not cling for the blissful spiritual experiences. The inquiry, where are we looking for happiness? About spiritual maturity and that love hurts. The profundity of understanding that we will lose everything. That life is our true identity. How to inquire, and the difference between searching and exploring. About integration and that suffering is our teacher. And the inquiry, do we really need anything to be free? Gangaji ends our conversation by guiding a meditative inquiry. 

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