Jesper Westmark – About meditation, consciousness & healing

Jesper Westmark is a Danish meditation teacher and author. He has been working with meditation and trauma therapy for more than 20 years. We speak about meditation, consciousness and healing. That everything and everybody is equal. Surrendering to the insight that the mind can never understand who we are. About stopping the accident. That nature neither is good or bad, it just is. If you go to war with your mind, you will be at war forever. How to allow ourselves to fail in meditation. The practice of being a student. How meditation can heal trauma and that we’re already whole. That it is the light that creates duality. About being meditated and the realization that we are also that. Jesper ends our conversation by guiding a meditation on being the observer.

For more information about Jesper, visit https://www.jesperwestmarkonline.com