Julie Moltke – Connection

Julie Moltke is a medical doctor from the University of Copenhagen with a focus on mental health, stress management, and the medicinal cannabis industry. Julie is an also a mindfulness and yoga instructor and she has founded The Mindfulness Manor on her estate Margreteholm in Southern Sweden. Together with her husband Todd she is the host of Awaken In The Woods, a consciousness- and music festival. In this episode we speak about amongst other topics:

  • How mindfulness can teach you how to not to be afraid of your thoughts
  • The self-reflective process and how our minds can be crazy at times
  • How Julie turned her family manor into a place for awakening
  • That spiritual life is a conscious life
  • The spiritual calling within us
  • The correlation between mindfulness and connection
  • Raising children and self-forgiveness
  • The consciousness festival Awaken In The Woods
  • The pillar stones in building a community
  • Julie then ends our conversion by guiding a meditation

For more information about Julie, please visit www.mindfulnessmanor.com

Follow this link for getting a special offer for the festival Awaken In The Woods

You can also read the transcript from our show with Julie here.