Li-Anne Tang – Integration

Li-Anne Tang has a PhD in Neuropsychiatry and decades of experience as a psychotherapist and mindfulness coach. Li-Anne is also the author of the book: Get off your cushion – weaving meditation into the fabric of life. We speak about the importance of having role models. That the practice is not about letting go of life, it’s about letting go of suffering. How acceptance makes life easier, and how expectations stand in the way. The freedom in awareness. The difference between pain and suffering. About recognizing your own suffering before you can transcend it. That awakening is an accident. That there’s agency in acceptance. Whether stress is part of life or not. Li-Anne’s three step guide to reduce stress. About smiling when the mind wanders. That small progress is the way and the importance of positive reinforcements. About being fully human and the beauty of being sad. Li-Anne ends our conversation by guiding a meditation focusing on integration.

For more information about Li-Anne, please visit www.freeingourmind.com

You can also read our transcript from our show with Li-Anne here.