Loch Kelly – Mindful glimpses

Loch Kelly is a licensed psychotherapist and recognized leader in the field of meditation and awakening. He’s the author of the books The Way of Effortless Mindfulness and Shift Into Freedom. He also has his own app called Mindful Glimpses in which he teaches effortless mindfulness, and to which Axel has translated a few glimpses to Swedish. In this episode we speak about amongst other topics:

  • Community and relating mindfully
  • How to un-blend from parts and unburden them
  • The difference between a mindful glimpse and mediation
  • How to find a playful attitude to life and relaxing the problem solver
  • The multiple mind
  • The realization that awareness can’t be hurt
  • Being juicy and not dry meditators
  • The real meaning of non-duality
  • Awareness being both spacious and pervasive
  • The peace that isn’t based on conditions
  • We also dive deep into and explore three of the glimpses Axel translated: Relax the Problem Solver, Know Yourself and Panoramic Awareness

For more information about Loch, please visit www.lochkelly.org. Follow this link to get a special offer for Loch’s app Mindful Glimpses.

You can also read our transcript from the show with Loch here.