Paul Hurcomb – Love & wisdom

Paul Hurcomb is a spiritual teacher and he’s holding retreats and meetings all over Europe. Paul has now published his first book, The Union of Love and Wisdom – a journey through the spiritual heart. In this episode we explore the book and some of the pointers in it. We speak about Paul’s circle diagram about human consciousness. To see through the illusion of who we should be. The role of a spiritual teacher. Waking down in the gut and the willingness to meet our pain. Making the wild man within conscious. That truth demands everything from us. What the spiritual heart is and how to contact it. To stop identifying with the I thought. Being the only sober among drunks. To stop the constant self-improvement program. To inquire if the seer can be seen and that awakening gives a sense of freedom. Paul shares some of the pointers from his book and ends our conversation by guiding a meditation.

For more information about Paul and to order his book, please visit www.meetingsinstillness.com