The retreat experience with Axel Wennhall & Loch Kelly

In this special episode Axel and Loch Kelly talks about Axel’s experience of going to a 30-day meditation retreat. We talk about that it’s not about the transcend experiences, but to be fully human, awake and compassionate in the midst of daily life. To find that, which is already aware and loving and that you have the capacity to love all parts of yourself. About the spiritual ego and it’s searching and striving. Axel shares his healing process with his mother. That there is light and love even in suffering. The dropping away of the point of view, to find a new you. Being like a golden retriever. The realization that there’s nothing to get rid of or nothing to find. That there’s no need to go to a longer retreat even if it can be beneficial. We discuss some of the myths about awakening. And how to tune in to the radio station of love. Loch also guides two mindful glimpses in the episode. We hope you will find this episode valuable even if you don’t consider going on a retreat.

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